Nordic Sustainability 2.0

The project "Nordic Sustainability 2.0 - Social sustainability in the Nordic gastronomy" is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers and runs in 2018.

In this project, we want to put social sustainability on the gastronomic world map, and support that the Nordics still is the center of gastronomic innovation.

The purpose of the project is to profile the Nordic Kitchen with greater diversity, equality and tolerance. We want to contribute to a positive development towards social sustainability with long-term solutions and at the same time support the success of the Nordic gastronomy in the future.
The project aims at contributing to a new international profile for the Nordic Kitchen and its values.

The keywords of our project is: Diversity, tolerance, ethics, work culture and sustainability.



We wish through different activities to put focus on diversity in the Nordic food industry. 

Freja the symposium

On August 28 and during Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival, we invite successful and prominent women to participate in our working symposium "Freja”. Here we will organize inspiring talks and motivating debates about the development of equality in the Nordic gastronomy.

Freja Symposium aims to improve gender equality in the hospitality industry of the Nordic countries. Connecting decision-makers from the world of gastronomy around the goal of creating solutions, the working symposium will not only focus on sharing knowledge and celebrating equality, but on committing to action.

Part of the Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival, the symposium, which takes place on August 28, will serve as the launch for an ongoing campaign to create equal opportunities for leadership and recognition in the Nordic hospitality industry. 

Freja Symposium is supported by The Nordic Council of Ministers and is a part of Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival's commitment to UN Global Goal 5.

Public dinner

In connection to Freja Symposium, we are arranging a dinner with equality as the main theme. At this dinner, it would be possible to experience some of the best women in the gastronomy.

Press tour

Press tours will be arranged with journalists, who wish to focus on social sustainability in the Nordic gastronomy and food industry. The press tours are hosted with Food & Fun in Iceland in February until Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival in August and ends with Food Festival in Aarhus in September.

Involving women in the festival programs

Successful and talented women from the gastronomy scene will be invited to participate in the programs of the festivals Food & Fun (Iceland), Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival (Copenhagen) and Food Festival (Aarhus). The involvement and events are still to be developed, but some examples could be inviting female chefs to create unique menus at local restaurants, participation in judge panels and pop-up dinners etc.

Project Manager, Fremtidens Madscene Maria Louise Nørgaard Olesen 60612211