Food Events

More than anything FOOD organises major food events. Actually the two biggest and most influential food events in Denmark and some smaller scale food events during the year.

At Food Festival in Aarhus 300+ food entrepreneurs, farmers, craftsmen and chefs meets more than 30.000 visitors every year. It takes place in the beginning of September.

At Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival we organise a 10 day celebration of the Danish and Copenhagen food scene. More than 80.000 people take part in the more than 100 unique food events.   

Supporting journalists

There is a food revolution going on in Denmark and the Nordic region. A revolution that merges the exploration of deliciousness with sustainability, an awareness of biodiversity and a cultural ambition of reshaping the way we eat. 

One of the most important things FOOD do is to help and assist international media interested in Danish food and gastronomy.

We arrange press trips and assist around 100 journalists/influencers a year by finding the best stories, setting up interviews and finding the best photos for their stories etc.  

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After years of work with the best food minds in Denmark, FOOD is increasingly used as advisors and development partners for companies and different branches of the public sector.

We have a deep knowledge about the Danish food sector and we are happy to share it if you need an updated insight in the Danish food sector. Right from the producer to the Michelin chef in the kitchen.

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Many initiatives in the Danish world of food and gastronomy are supported by FOOD in one way or the other.

We are proudly supporting projects that develop the Danish food scene and help to support the innovation that Denmark is known for worldwide.

This year we support, among other things, The Foundation of Danish Gastronomy, Sol Over Gudhjem, Bocuse d'or Denmark, Fanø Oyster Festival and a number of other food-related initiatives.