Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival is an festival that profiles Danish gastronomy by paying homage to the food culture, Nordic cuisine and the talented people who have turned Copenhagen into a gastronomic stronghold. Over the past 13 years Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival has developed into one of the largest and most influential food festivals in Northern Europe.

The festival is for everyone who loves food and showcases more than 100 unique food events in late August. Around 80.000 visitors participates every year and join in on the celebration of Copenhagen’s gastro scene as well as the Danish food culture.

Throughout the festival, there will be several street dinners popping up everywhere in Copenhagen, where different restaurants and food producers will pitch in depending on the location. The largest one is the harvest feast at Frederiksberg, where 1200 people will dine under open skies at one of the major crossroads, Frederiksberg Allé, which will be closed off for this occasion.

Moreover a number of famous chefs and foodies invite you home to an extraordinary dining experience at their own house or apartment. And a number of events will even take you outside the city center and right to the places where the food is produced.

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